Anne is my Kindred Spirit

I cannot forgive myself for being such a procrastinator and a slug for 23 years when I should have read, seen and smelled¬†¬†Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables Series¬†a long time ago.

It was just two¬†weeks ago that I found interest in watching the television series from CBC. A television¬†miniseries were aired on 1985, 1987, then on 2000 as a television adaptation of L.M Montgomery’s most famous Anne novels. By heaven’s grace, I¬†came across these on Youtube (forgive my standards), downloaded from a good online movie site, and now I cannot get it off my head!

Anne of Green Gables tells¬†the blooming of a talkative red-haired orphan from a discounted girl to an¬†endeared woman. Anne,¬†whose imaginations are as wild and free as an eagle and whose guts are as tough as a mountain goat, is everything I hoped to be as a child, until real life events got the better of me. I love that she is able to bring out the best in everyone around her and change their hearts. There is something about her that inspires us, women, to believe in our own potentials and allow ourselves to become the best versions of us while taking criticisms as motivation towards it.¬† It is impossible not to love the character in an instant.¬†I would love to think that the¬†strong-willed Anne Shirley, played by Megan Follows, is¬†my kindred spirit, as she loves to put it, though she’s better at everything.

The only thing I could never understand about Anne is how she was so blinded of how magnificently gorgeous Gilbert Blythe was and how confounded she was with her feelings for him at the beginning.

Of course, who wasn’t swept away by Mr. Blythe, the most perfect gentleman that was ever framed¬†in the world of fiction? The role was¬†exquisitely¬†brought to life by Jonathan Crombie, who made it even more perfect (insert my titters in between words). He made me realize how pure love can be expressed through a tender¬†gaze from afar and how long-standing the affections of a man¬†can be without asking for anything in return. (Too much for mushiness, I know.)

Those¬†who know me well enough, understand that I am not very fond of romance of my own for as long as I can remember. I resolved¬†that I will¬†die an old maid as it is easier to live without it, but watching the series every single night since December, made me think I might be missing something very important in my life. Ms. Barry once said,¬†“Make a little room in your plans for romance again, Anne, girl. All the degrees and scholarships in the world can’t make up for the lack of it.”. I’m doomed. I guess I need to rearrange my plans or at least pay attention to what the Lord plans for my romance. I started to worry that I might regret not reconsidering having it¬†in the future.

I could also never forget how Matthew Cuthbert makes¬†my heart ache every time I see him on the screen! His timid and limited words are jewel. His love for a girl he doesn’t even own is incomparable. Matthew never ceases to provide Anne¬†all the support she needs even for her most ludicrous dreams.¬†Then, there’s Marilla Cuthbert. Oh how I love her! Her tight-but-soft-inside image resembles very much with my mother’s. She is good¬†at making your knees weak with her high-toned speeches and sharp stares, but makes sure you get the right amount of encouragement you need everyday. She will not tell you very much of how she loves you but shows it in every single way possible.

Tell me, how in the world, am I ever going to move on from these?¬†I’m blown away.

I am still on the mission of finding the complete collection of Montgomery’s masterpieces. I learned that the series are made up of 8 books (or 11 if you would include other Avonlea stories) and I got no plans of stopping until I’ve hoarded them all. I am certain that I will love every character more by reading them. (Mind you, sniffing through the pages of a book helps. It has never let me down.). I’m pretty sure I’ll be crazy about¬†Ms. Maud by then. For now, I will let myself be haunted by the television series.

I’d be very glad to share my thoughts with you once the books are in my hands!