Behold! My Feet’s Finally on the Road.

You might be aware of it already, but those with deep-seated love and uncontrollable addiction to words, dreams to drive other readers into a different world, the way they were taken away by other authors. They desire to bring others into the labyrinth of words and let them get lost into the world they personally made out of their irrepressible imaginations. For short, every bookworm longs to write his own masterpiece of literary work and have it published —- and so do I.

However, like any other average dreamers, I got bunch of insecurities and doubts. I don’t firmly believe I have such book-worthy words. The reason why sometimes I find it difficult to land a pen on a paper, or a finger on the keyboard, for that matter.

In defiance of that, I want to try. I need to try if I really want to be somewhere I imagined myself in someday. Who knows? I might have an inner-beast I am yet to unleash. I may be intended to craft some fictional worlds, inspire new movies, or to drive other dreamers to take a step of any size towards their hopes. So, this happened. Me, writing my first set of words in my first wordpress post, and you, reading it. I’ll make tons of great works someday, or atleast I’m inspired to. That should start something. Be patient, because I am.



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